About Us
The Empowerment Network
"On a scale of 1-10, we're TEN "

The Empowerment Network (T.E.N.) is a non traditional, unconventional global business development and resource network for entrepreneurs primarily small businesses- Internet, home based and network marketers.

T.E.N. was founded by Cecile Coco Jackson in 1992 out of a need to fill the gap left behind from agency and institutions that offered business tools and services but not a solid network avenue that extended beyond the initial networking event.

The Empowerment Network's mission is to assist men, women, youths ages 13-25 years old, the disabled, seniors and stay at home mothers gain spiritual and financial freedom by empowering them through various entrepreneurial programs.  

T.E.N. hopes to educate these "unique" group of individuals on Internet opportunities as well as home based endeavors. In addition, we offer monthly meetings, one on one consultations, group seminars, a peer advisory roundtable, lead generation - S.N.A.P. (Speed Networking At An Accelerated Pace), industry speakers and a host of member joint venture opportunities to expand ones' business.  We offer these services to members as well as non members......Join Us today!

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